Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beyonce puts a fan in his place

Beyonce Knowles - Mrs Carter Live Tour 2013

Some controversy is flying around the internet due to Beyonce's stage performance on the Mrs Carter Show - ATL Tour, telling a fan to "Put the dam camera down". After watching Beyonce's Live show in Amsterdam and her interaction with fans, its very clear to see that all she wants is that every one has a good time on her tours. Watch the controversial video filmed by a fan who captured the moment then take a look at the footage from Beyonce Tours.
Beyonce - Mrs Carter Show - ATL - "Put that dam camera down"

After watching this video I'm sure you can tell that the comment Beyonce made was all in fun. If you are filming a show on camera, you often miss the show because your too busy trying to keep the camera steady. Am I right? Well this particular occasion, Beyonce didn't want her fan to miss out on a little taste of the lime light.
Beyonce Fans sing with her  in Amsterdam  
This next video is the live tour in Amsterdam. Please watch this video from START TIME 47:02 - 48:13. While spending time with her fans during the show, Beyonce holds a fans hand. When Beyonce points the mic to the woman, she gets stage fright. Beyonce bends down to the woman and with a beaming smile encourages her saying "Im not leaving here till you say it, come on!" Beyonce brings out the best in her fans.

Beyonce love on top live

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