Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Health Warning - Avoid the Flu


I feel like a train wreck. It all started last week when my son contracted the flu (Influenza). Influenza comes on very suddenly and hits you like a truck with fever, dry cough, muscle and joint pain and extreme fatigue.

As a good mum should, I gave him Panadol for the fever, aches and pains, made him drink plenty of fluids including orange juice (Vitamin C), steam inhalations, went straight out and bought over the counter meds (Cold & Flu) to help with the symptoms. I kept him warm and elevated the top of his bed so as to assist with drainage of his upper respiratory infection.

Then Boom! On Tuesday I started to get the flu starting with a dry cough. Then runny nose, congestion then sore throat, aches and pains and extreme fatigue. I went to the chemist to get "cold and flu tablets". Three different brands and a lot of wasted money later, my health was declining and I was getting much worse each day.
Nicole Stewart - Flu Symptoms include chronic fatigue 
The symptoms I was experiencing would change each day, then finally the virus turned bacterial and went to my chest causing me to have acute bronchitis as well as the flu symptoms including asthma attacks, runny nose, blocked sinuses causing head aches, sever back pain, fatigue, coughing, and sleepless nights.

By the way, "cold and flu tablets" are a marketing plan to make you buy them when you are feeling at your lowest. My advice is to see a Doctor. Don't mess around with the Flu. Bronchitis, Pneumonia is what i was diagnosed with. I finally ended up suffering with Pneumonia. This sickness lasted for 5 weeks straight.

I did get the flue shot once but unfortunately for me I was very ill after receiving it.
A Flu shot is a good idea so please don't get me wrong. Avoiding the flu all together is the best prevention.

I hope you are far away from anyone with the flu, and if you do have it, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Take care of your selves and each other!

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