Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too many Insurance ads on TV

Too many Insurance ads on TV 
Insurance choices - Too many ads on TV - Which one do i choose?

Have you noticed recently the amount of ads for insurance on TV ? I swear its overloading. These companies target the people who are at home during business hours. Mainly stay at home parents, the elderly. Even if you wanted to get insurance, the choice is too great. 
Too many companies to choose from for starters. It's all very confusing really. 

People will be usually buying insurance from a scare tactic point of view, ad depicting a word of mouth from a friend who convinces them to buy insurance because they did, happy family who just bought insurance,cute animals,hassle free, easy, fast sign up, etc by these companies to convince you that you need insurance. 

The life insurance, the car insurance, the house insurance, your pet insurance. By the time you have chosen all of these insurances, you are digging your own grave faster from the stress of working your life away just to pay for the insurances. 
This financial stress will surly take its toll on you. 

Travel insurance is a different matter and I'll tell you why.

A few years ago I was robbed in a different country by 8 men on motorbikes. I was lucky to be alive. This particular time I traveled, instead of buying travel insurance online as I usually do, I decided since pressed for time I would buy travel insurance at the air port before flying.
Big mistake? Yes.

On the way to the airport the taxi broke down. By the time I got to the check in, it was too late to buy Travel insurance. Lesson learned.. Always buy travel insurance, end of story.

Now getting back to insurance ads on TV... Insurance is important in a lot of cases and people take out insurance policies for many reasons. I'm not saying you should not buy insurance, but rather annoyed at the amount of Insurance ads on TV right now. I feel mostly for the elderly who are more likely to buy insurance for something they really don,t need.

As for me, I would rather watch white noise instead ;)
I would rather watch white noise than all these insurance ads on TV


Mark Hall said...

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findlocales said...

very nice blog. More informative. Thanks for sharing
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