Monday, May 26, 2014

Australia's X factor winner Dami Im New single Super Love

Last years winner of X factor Australia was Dami Im and boy did she woo us!
Dami was originally from Korea and moved to Australia with her family when she was 9 years old. Dami's father remained behind to be the bread winner. Dami now 25 is rocking the Australian music charts with her new song titled "Super Love".

#SundayNight Dannii Minogue with Dami Im meeting her kpop idol Boa
Danni Minogue queen judge on the X factor, mentor and great friend to Dami recently went to Korea to revisit Dami's past. Dami loves k pop and her idol is the "queen of Korean pop" BoA. Dannii surprised her with a meeting with BoA.

As we all know Korea is split into two. North Korea and south Korea. Both Koreas' are indifferent. On the Australian TV program Sunday Night on channel 7, Australia learnt in a documentry with Dannii, that Dami's grandfather Suk Young Lee in his 20's was separated from the family as he went into the south for what he thought would be a brief visit. But when war broke out it left Suk Young Lee unable to return to his home and family.see the full article Here.

Dami Im is with Sony Music Australia and you can purchase her music here.

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