Unconditional love is the greatest feeling you will ever have in your life time. 

Love knows no boundaries, love lifts you to the highest level one could ever imagine.

To Love and to be loved is the most intense, passionate, combination of your heart, your soul, your mind, body and spirit working in harmony.

Love looks you in the eyes and can read your soul like a fairy tale. 
Like a prince and a princess, so precious to each other.

Love is the warmest hug, the perfect kiss, the touch of hands, finger tips intertwining.
Love is beautiful, colourful, and more precious than a diamond.

Love never fades even when your special someone is far from you.
Once you know what love truly is... you'll never give up and never let it go.
Love knows no pain, no suffering.

Love is when you have learnt to love your self and thank god for every thing around you.
God says, love one another as i have loved you.

Love is working together in unity as a team. Love is giving your all. Love is infinite, endless.

Give Love to others and share that love around the world.

written by Nicole Stewart #niki


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