Friday, May 16, 2014

Tunde Dance And Shout The New single coming out soon featuring Paul Play

Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi with Paul Play at the studio in Abuja pic credit Tunde instagram @tundeakinsanmi
Tunde fans are loving his new single YoThaBaddest ft Chics BBS and they will be even more excited to know Tunde has a new single coming out featuring Paul Play. Yep! you heard it here first on n1ki blog Utopia Au Utopia Magazine! The title of the song is #DanceAndShout. Utopia au had the pleasure of chatting to Tunde and listening to #DanceAndShout straight from the studio this week.

 Tunde told us:

In spite of the world and especially Nigeria, Dance And Shout is a song that still makes you wanna believe there is some goodness in the future. #Tunde
Not only is "Dance And Shout" a club banger, this house genre is a new beginning, a new sound to come out from Nigeria and as Tunde from Styl-Plus being the pioneer of the Nigerian Music entertainment industry, This song will be a trending global hit!

The Production and sound quality of "Dance And Shout" by Beatz And Technics (BAT RECORDS) is off the charts. Featuring on the track is Paul Play also a veteran artist as Tunde is. Paul Play who sang the hit song "Angel Of My Life" features on "Dance And Shout" and currently has a new single out titled "Renegade".

The Production and sound quality of "Dance And Shout" by Beatz And Technics (BAT RECORDS) is off the charts. The song is on point for Tunde.
This is just another notch in his belt of musical awesomeness!
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