Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mr Squiggle famous puppet from Australia on google search

Im sure today a lot a Australian's were reminiscing about seeing Mr.Squiggle on Google Search today as we did. The intro song for Mr Squiggle is still in our heads from childhood.
Mr Squiggle

For those of you who don/t know who Mr.Squiggle is its time to share with you. Mr Squiggle was a children's show here in australia running for decades staring Mr Squiggle the man from the moon with a pencil for a nose along with his puppet friends Bill, Guss and Blackboard. 

Bill Backboard Guss puppets from Mr Squiggle
Mr Squiggle and Miss Jane ABC TV

Mr Squiggle was assisted by his human friends, some including Miss Jane and Rebecca, daughter to Mr Squiggle puppeteer Norman Hetherington. Children in Australia would send in squiggles on paper and Mr Squiggle would turn the squiggles into a picture. The picture was always drawn by mr Squiggle upside down. The picture was then turned up the right way to reveal what Mr Squiggle drew.
The Black board puppet in which the picture was placed on was also interactive. Blackboards' famous saying was "Hurry Up".

When Norman passed away some years back, it was upsetting to the family and the Australian public alike.

Norman Hetherington Mr Squiggle puppeteer 
Here is Rebecca Hetherington in an episode of Mr Squiggle.

We still have fond memories of watching Mr Squiggle as kids. The show was inspiring and made us all a little more creative in our own ways.


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