Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kim and Kanye Wedding And The Media Hype

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris on May 23, ahead of their wedding in Florence, Italy. Photo: Getty

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding was reportedly the wedding of 2014. Both Kim and Kanye wore Givenchy clothing with the wedding dress having a price tag of 2 million dollars. The media have dubbed Kim #Kimye.

The Sydney morning herald said
It might have been the most hyped-up wedding of the year, but not everyone wanted to be a part of Kimye circus.
The obsessive nature of the media with the Kardashians is blown out of proportion on such a large scale. 
There is talk in the media of a fight between kim and her brother on the day of the wedding about his weight. Apparently kim was worried her brother was too large for the bridal photos and with that, her brother did not attend. Who knows if this is true though. 

Another story circulating about Beyonce wishing them unconditional love via Instagram. Some how the media flipped it so it appears to look like Beyonce was too formal in her message because both Beyonce and Jay Z didn't attend the wedding. Again, so what? It would be very interesting if any one would come forward and say "Hey! It was me who started this rumour". Not in your life! Gossip! Its been around since the dawn of time as people want to know about other people to compare them selves and thier lives to. A gauge or moral compass so to speak.

Back in April this year, Kim and Kanye were on the cover of vogue magazine and this sparked celebrity and subscribers of the magazine to boycott it. Read more here.

It's really none of our business about the wedding as it was a tight lock down event. It is you say? Some will say "Of course it is", especially since we see footage of kim purposely getting the media involved in every thing she does.

Kanye West is an awesome music artist and its time to focus on something different instead of this blah blah.

Good Luck to the bride and groom!  

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