Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kind hearted homeless man praised for honesty


A kind-hearted homeless man in the US is being praised for his honesty after he found a backpack stuffed with more than $45,000 and handed it to police. The unidentified man found the bag containing more than $2,500 in cash and around $42,000 worth of travellers' cheques at a Boston shopping centre on Saturday, the Boston Herald reports.

Bob Boisselle, who lives with the good Samaritan at a shelter on Boston Harbour, said people will probably call his friend "nuts" but he understood his motivation.
"Homeless people are the first to help you out," he said..
"They don't have anything, but they'll give you what they do have."
Police said the backpack was also carrying passports and "various personal papers".

The contents of the lost bag.
The bag and its contents were reunited with its relieved owner later on Saturday after the mall contacted police saying a customer had lost a backpack "containing a large sum of money".
The rightful owner was identified by his Chinese passport, which was left in the bag.
The story has quickly become the stuff of legend around Boston's transient community.
Mr Boisselle said that "homeless people know what it's like to be down and out".

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Source for this blog : Boston Herald
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