Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Headphones that play music and analyze a person's brain patterns to match mood

Introducing Neurowear's latest gadget 
The Mico headphones

Trying to Find the perfect song to match what a your feeling? It's the one of the reasons why people spend so much time putting together song playlists for any occasion. 

But what if you didn't need to hand-pick songs yourself and just let your brain pick them for you? 
Well, here is Neurowear's latest gadget The Mico headphones.

This smart technology uses a brainwave sensor to detect the wearer's mood and play a song to match. Mico looks like a typical set of over-the-ear headphones, but with the addition of an EEG (electroencephalograph) sensor protruding from the front.

The sensor allows the headphones to analyze a person's brain patterns and determine the headphone wearer's mood. When connected to a smart device running an accompanying app, the headphones will play a song chosen from Neurowear's database that matches the detected state of mind.

The sides of each ear piece also light up to show when music is playing and will even display symbols to indicate whether the listener is feeling focused, drowsy, or stressed.

Yep!, Neurowear seems to have adapted it's brainwave-reading technology to something a bit more practical in a pair of headphones which look like they are going to trend

The company has yet to reveal any details about when the Mico headphones might be released or the cost.

Here you see the video demonstrated by Japanese model/photographer Julie Watai.


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