Monday, March 25, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres finally in Australia

We warmly welcome 
Ellen DeGeneres to Australia 
and Aussie wife Portia de Rossi.

Ellen Degeneres famous Talk show TV host from the US is finally down under in Australia.
Aussie's love Ellen's show and finally she arrived in Sydney.

 Over 3000 fans fully pumped to see Ellen live on stage to record her Ellen show on Sydney Harbour. Ellen said to the screaming crowds  "I love you guys," DeGeneres told an audience delighted to be there despite the uncomfortable 30C heat. "I love this country. I'm moving here," she joked.

Every where Ellen and Portia go, we see them very close to each other. Its such a beautiful thing to see the love for real. Even just going for a walk at Manly beach, this couple are a joy to watch.


Ellen & Portia, are currently in Melbourne where they visited Portia's old school Melbourne Girls Grammar, which Portia apparently dressed up in her old school uniform. They were filming segments for her American talk show

Ellen on Twitter

More to come, stay tuned....


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