Friday, November 21, 2014

Sorry Katy Perry - shocking encounter with paparazzi stalker in Australia

Katy Perry Is currently Down Under in Sydney Australia on her Prismatic world tour with last nights show held at the Allphones Arena. It was an amazing event. Australia just loves Katy Perry. In the news today the title reads  "Perry’s inner Aussie comes out while on tour ‘Down Under’ and she even tries Vegemite".

We decided to check out what she is up to on twitter and to our shock horror we see katy's two tweets as follows

Dear Katy, We are so sorry this happened to you in Australia. I am an Aussie myself and right now I feel that most Australians would be pissed off right now to know how you were mistreated here by the paparazzi or who ever was stalking you. I hope the police get involved and arrest these ----heads.

That behaviour Is, NOT on, It's NOT ok!

So on behalf of the Australian people, we want to say sorry to you.
Sorry Katy

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