Saturday, June 7, 2014

We Are Nigerians - Paul Play Featuring Tunde (Styl-Plus) Official Music Video + Lyrics

We Are Nigerians - Paul Play feat Tunde (Styl-Plus) 

Its the most highly anticipated track of the 2014 fifa #worldcup for Nigerian's national football team The Super Eagles. The title of this new video is "We Are Nigerians" Paul Play Featuring Tunde (Styl-Plus).

It's already gone viral on every Top A List site in Nigeria including Bella Naija, Not Just Ok and 360nobs. "We are Nigerians" music video is also dedicated to the people who lost their lives in terrorist attacks.
Download the single HERE

We Are Nigerians Lyrics
We are Nigerians
We are champions we are kings
We are Nigerians
there's no height that we can't reach
We are Nigerians
We keep rising to the top
We are Nigerians
We Keep soaring in the sky
Go Nigeria... Fly Eagles, fly to victory
Go Nigeria... Go for glory!
Ohh... ohh... ohh... ohh ohh ohh ohh... ohh.. ohh... ohh... ohh ohh ohh... ohh... ohh... ohh... ohh ohh ohh.. ohh.. ohh...ohh ohh ohh!
We are Nigerians
We are giants we are strong
We are Nigerians
We are leaders we are blod yeah!
We are Nigerians
We are boundless we are free
We are Nigerians
We will ride to victory
Go Nigeria...
Go for Glory!

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