Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's been some time since "Tunde blog" was updated as the official blogs are located on utopia magazine (N1ki Blog) Sydney Australia. This site was inactive for 12 months as the Title for TUNDE being "NativeBoy" was dropped at the ending of 2012.

Tunde's stage name is "TUNDE".
Tunde is now known as "Tunde" - "Tunde Akinsanmi"
CEO of BAT RECORDS [Beatz And Technics]
Also known as Tunde (Styl-Plus).

As to further reinforce that the "NativeBoy name" is no longer used, This current site will change to TUNDE

On social media The "NEW Tunde Facebook page" has replaced the old NativeBoy Facebook page which has 86,208 likes.

NEW Tunde Facebook page Link
*Tunde's Fans are encouraged to make the change over to the NEW Tunde Facebook page for the latest News, information, music & videos.

Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi - or better known as "Tunde Styl-Plus" are just a few of the names other sites refer to Tunde as. Tunde is the favoured member of the R&B Group "Styl-Plus" from Nigeria.

Latest News for Tunde
We Are Nigerians - Paul Play Featuring Tunde (Styl-Plus) Official Music Video
We are nigerians music video
We Are Nigerians - Paul Play Featuring Tunde (Styl-Plus) Official Music Video + Lyrics
2014 Fifa World cup music video We are Nigerians - Paul Play ft Tunde Styl-Plus
Tunde Dance And Shout The New single coming out soon featuring Paul Play
Tunde - Yo Tha Baddest ft Chics Bad Boy Slim - New Music + Lyrics
Tunde Brand New Single Konga plus Lyrics

For all media enquires and information
Please use our contact us form @

Follow Tunde on
Twitter @tundeakinsanmi @MyJoysticktales

Media Management for Tunde
Nicole Stewart
Utopia au - Utopia magazine
Twitter @1angelniki @utopiaau


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