Friday, September 13, 2013

Nicole Kidman knocked down by paparazzo on bicycle

Oscar-winning Australian Actress, Nicole Kidman had just left the Calvin Klein show for New York's Fashion Week and was returning to the Carlyle Hotel. As she walked toward the entrance, a freelance photographer named Carl Wu was roaring toward her on his bike.

Witnesses who saw the indecent  said that as the photographer, (Carl Wu) got dangerously close to Nicole, he appeared to hit his brakes, but it didn't work. He slammed into her and she went crashing to the ground and injured her ankle.

The photographer got tangled in his red bike after hitting into her. This guy Wu, has had run-ins with other celebrities, including Lady Gaga, was taken in by police and issued a summons for riding on the footpath. He was released soon after.

What I want to ask is why are these people allowed to get that close to a person? Didn't we learn years ago from what happened when the paparazzi chased Princess Diana?  Yes, it was the drivers fault, however, these paparazzi are relentless and will do anything to capture that one close up of a celebrity.
I'm sure Nicole's security team were not on their game this day.

Sorry Nic, Hope your feeling better soon! love @1angelniki @utopiaau

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