Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tunde In Home Studio Producing BAT Records Music

Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi - Utopia Au - Utopia Magazine

Tunde is at it again and it's full steam ahead for his music and production career. Here we see a very relaxed shot of Tunde in his temporary home studio producing BAT Records tracks, his own unique (Beatz And Techniques.) Tunde's music includes "In Your Eyes", "Child is Born" (fan Christmas edition) and his current afro beat track titled "Tosibe ft Muyen & Pado".

Tosibe  music video is soon to hit TV in the USA, Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, France just to name a few and will drop online on Vevo, YouTube and will be an exclusive to Utopia Au Utopia Magazine.

Tunde's accounts on Facebook are maxed out so he has opened a new one so the fans have yet another way to interact with him. Add here

Tunde is well known on the social networks and for giving back to his fans. Tosibe - Tunde ft Muyen & Pado is free to all fans.

Download here

Tunde Official1 on Facebook - Tunde Akinsanmi
 Friends and Fans Please add as a friend on the new Tunde Facebook account

Tunde Official Facebook page - Tunde Akinsanmi
Tunde Facebook Page

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Tunde Instagram

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