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Exclusive Interview with Dolapo Featured Music Artist Jand Hustle Nollywood Movie

Dolapo - Music Artist Ft in Jand Hustle Nollywood film Directed by MrE
The newest Nollywood movie Jand Hustle by Film director MrE is yet to be released. Jand Hustle is a Nigerian comedy filmed in London UK and Nigeria. If you have not already read the Exclusive interview with MrE and Tunde by Utopia Magazine you will get the jist of this next exclusive interview with Nigerian music artist Dolapo. Dolapo has two tracks featured in the film titled "Survivor" and "My First Love".
Dolapo's Music is featured in the Jand Hustle Movie along side popular artists such as Tunde with his hot afrobeat track titled "Tosibe". 

Tosibe - Tunde - MrE - UtopiaAu - Utopia Magazine - N1ki blogspot
Tunde's Tosibe music video shortly to be released on TV and radio features scenes from Jand Hustle and Tunde's music video directed my MrE  is currently being distributed in the USA and worldwide.
Dolapo's vocals are unique. He is in a league of his own with such a massive voice and vocal range, Dolapo's voice is full of passion for his craft. Enjoy the interview!

'Niki Stewart
We warmly welcome Dolapo to #UtopiaAu - #UtopiaMagazine

Dolapo Oladejo

Thank you so much. It's a great honour for me to be on your prestigious magazine.

'Niki Stewart

Your music features in the New Nollywood Comedy Jand Huslte directed by MrE. How did that come about?

Dolapo Oladejo

Wow.... How do I start? First of all, Mr. E had been a friend for quite a while. From 1999 precisely.
Back then, he was working on an epic movie project but I showed up when the shooting of the movie was almost done. I loved all the energy and wit, concept and the formidable crew he had back then, so naturally I was looking forward to working with him in his subsequent projects. So when Jand Hustle came up, It was like "Heeehaaww! Here we go again!"
'Niki Stewart

It sounds like this was perfect timing this time! lol
So lets talk about your two sound tracks featured in the movie. "Survivor" and "My First Love".
But firstly I must say, your vocals are so heart felt. I'm sure the public will feel that.
Where did you lean to sing that way?

Dolapo Oladejo

"Survivor" is a song that hammers on the will-power to stay strong and weather whatever storm that is being faced by individuals at certain times. It depicts the kind of struggle we go through and summoning that inner strenght to rise above it all. Personally I see the story line of Jand Hustle as perfect for that song. So we are talking about a square peg in a square hole here.

"My first love" ; as the title implies, is a solid love song. You'll agree with me that love songs usually carry some amout of passion and vigour with them. What you'll here in the song is unadulterated love feelings encapsulated in musical notes; from my heart of hearts. "My first love" was specially written and performed by me and its going to be one of the soundtracks for the much awaited block-buster movie Jand Hustle.

Thank you so very immensely for your kind words. I do hope people will feel the songs as much as you do and as much as I do too.

I started at home, when my mother sang to me and my siblings before bedtime. I really loved her lullabies and hymns so I picked interest in them so very fastly and when I was less busy I just have that sponteneous urge to sing. My late Dad noticed and teased me about it, he said I sang my best just before He further encouraged me to join the church choir.

I did just that at about age 11 but something happened, the choir master noticed I was singing an octave above my male counterparts on tenor seat so he moved to join the girls at soprano, naturally I ran back to the tenor seat then he moved me again, then I obeyed and sang like that for a couple of years, but when we changed church , I didn't join the choir again until after puberty; when my vocals deepened.

I was in the choir at my university where I met a very good friend, we called her OJ. She picked me up and trained me as a classical tenor. I guess that is still evident in some of my renditions.

'Niki Stewart

You have such a big voice Dolapo, It would be amazing to hear you sing ballards. Something like "Over the Rainbow".

Dolapo Oladejo

Thanks a bunch Niki; your kind words, I wouldn't hesitate to do "Over the rainbow" I love the projection of that song. I love the song too. Hehehehehe...... No qualms.

'Niki Stewart

lol Bring it on Dolapo. Its been a pleasure to speak to you today. We look forward to hearing your music in the Jand Hustle movie.

Dolapo Oladejo

I'll most definitely bring it all on.......The pleasure is mine. I stay committed to getting you thoroughly entertained through my music. Thank you so very much Nikilicious-Niki. Its like blending Niki and your delicious personality.( express permission to call you for this wonderful interview. I feel so honoured.
As ta la vista Niki.

'Niki Stewart
Bwahahaahahaahahah to Nikilicious Niki. Thanks for sharing with us Dolapo #1love
Check out Dolapo's music here. and  Enjoy!

Special Thanks to MrE for allowing this music to be featured on Utopia Magazine as an Exclusive.
Jand Hustle  Nollywood Movie- Directed by MrE - Utopia au - Utopia Magazine

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