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G Webb - Hit Em Hard - Exclusive Interview Utopia Au - Utopia magazine

GWebb - Utopia Au - Utopia Magazine Au
G Webb Hit Em Hard single on itunes and music video right here!
Utopia au's Nicole Stewart caught up with GWebb in this exclusive interview.

 #UtopiaAu   We warmly welcome you G Webb. Now lets kick this interview off and share your music.#Niki @1angelNiki

#GWebb   Im Honored to be interviewed by an ecstatic bubbly person as yourself. we'll known, we'll liked by many. I'm blessed to be here. Thank you for the opportunity. #GWebb @_GWebb

#UtopiaAu   Thank you kindly GWebb! So what were your musical influences growing up?

#GWebb   Classic Rock! The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osborne, AC/DC, Metallica, guns n roses, def Leopard, and Lynerd skinnerd. To name a few. In Rap music - 2PAC, biggie smalls, Ice Cube, naughty By nature, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay z

#UtopiaAu  When did you first recall wanting to be a singer/rapper?

#GWebb   I started off by writing poetry. We'll I was at work one day, some lady was snooping around my business we'll I was on break. Long story short, I read her some and she said I was a Rapper! Lol. I said she was crazy!! She said I needed to check into studios and learn How to develop my skills. So I took her advise, and started my 10 yr journey.

#UtopiaAu  what motivates you?

#GWebb   This Generation and my children. And the people around the Globe.
There's so much negativity and violence today, That it's like I have been programmed from birth to speak about positivity.  I make music That focuses on bringing change for the greater good of humanity.
I started in churches then I found out very quickly That I was meant for the Streets. Life motivates Me 

#UtopiaAu   Wow! that is really something G-Webb. So tell us about your single "Hit Em Hard?

#GWebb   Hit Em Hard is a song that just brought out the feelings of the struggle and the fight, the blood sweat and tears, the pain and anguish of giving everything you got! From money to being Broke, adversity rising up and laughing at you! But you breath, you prey, you beg God for Help! Every Tear, every chance of hope of ever making it. Hit The people and life With everything You Got! Hit Em Hard :")
Also inspired by the production of KIMO K. And Geri King.

#UtopiaAu   I'm sure a lot of your fans can relate to that. So whats it like to be part of the Khepera Records family? How does it feel now that you have finally got signed with a record label?

#GWebb   It feels great knowing that i have back up. Im very grateful for the opportunity that Khepera Records has given to my family and I to expand to a MUCH greater scale than ever imagined. Too much disappointment and many let downs, we have finally reached a team that believes in what i believe in. Making great Music!

Enjoy the video!

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