Monday, June 24, 2013

Girl falls out of a window caught by on lookers

Girl falls and is caught from 5 story apartment block

In China a little girl fell out of a 5 story building and was caught by on lookers of this event from the street below.

The little girl saw her mum and dad get into the lift and tried to press the button on the lift to get to parents.
Parents of girl getting into lift of 5th floor apartment building
Girl desperate to get into lift to be with parents
Girl seen going down stairs to find parents
Captured by security cameras, after the girl couldn't make the lift open, she then proceeded down the stairs as shown above  to an open window in the stair well. This picture below shows the height of the window from the stairs being 40 inches.  
Girl climbed out window of stair well

Window showing height from street
A crowd of men had gathered below on the street to help catch the falling girl. The brave few as you can see in this next photo (film taken by a person from a building opposite) desperately gathered together to save this little girls life.

One of the men who caught her, broke his arm as she landed safely. These are the times where we see humanity in unity working as a team for the greater good. To save a life is what these men achieved. Let this be a message to the entire globe, that if we work along side each other in peace and harmony, anything is possible. Real life heroes walk amongst us.

As for the parents of this little child, There is no excuse for leaving a child of this young age on her own, let alone allowing the child to wander in an apartment block that lacks safety features like the window you have seen here. Obviously the following picture shows the parents (faces hidden) at the police station.

fallen girl - parents at police station
3 cheers to the guys who saved the girls life, and to the guy who broke his arm trying to catch her, Kudos to you. Your a hero!
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