Thursday, January 17, 2013

World Tuned Radio - Tune in today!


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Tune in people! 
Watch & listen in to The Soul Suite Marcus Noel and Ms. Cat.

About the show is the premiere website for independent artists, music, news, and media. WTR incorporates all genres of music. is committed to making our music easily accessible via webcast, itunes, iphone, podcast or windows media player.

WTR promotes a variety of artist including independent artist, radio personalities, Djs and hosts who are also available for all types of events. In addition to our wide variety of shows and audiences, reserves one hour a day and the majority of Sunday for Christian based shows and music. Read more here...
This Station is gonna rock your universe!
Trust me :D

NKS Entertainment Sydney
Repping the hottest music aritsts, producers, & Indie artists worldwide

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