Tuesday, June 11, 2013

4 Year Old Kid Hero

4 year old kid hero -
We hear about acts of bravery and hero's. It inspires us in such a way that we are deeply moved.
Its important to share these real life stories with others, so that we may learn something and celebrate the extraordinary acts of heroism and bravery of human beings.
One particular story of heroism, was a 4 year old boy named Alex Coder who saved his mothers life by calling emergency services 911. Jenny his mother had fallen down the stairs and was unconscious.The brave little boy from Indiana in the US, picked up a mobile phone and dialed 911 and crying, told the 911 operator (Manda Overly) that his mum had fallen down the stairs.

Alex was naturally very scared about his mum laying unconscious in front of him however, through the tears of the little boy, the operator managed to help calm Alex over the phone. saying
Take a deep breath for me. I don't know if your crying over there but i cant understand it if you are scream it, just say it slowly.
Manda stayed calm collected as she asked again for the address of his house. Little Alex was taught his address and phone number by his mum from a very early age and thank goodness she did. Alex told his address to the 911 operator in a jingle which he remembered, enabling the operator to dispatch help for his mother out to his home. This brave little 4 year old hero managed to save his mothers life.

The lesson we have learned here is a simple one. Like Alex's mum, I too taught my kids at an early age to remember our phone number and address in song form. Small children like to sing and as most of us learnt nursery rhymes at a young age and I bet you still remember most of them as I do. Eg: Mary had a little lamb.
Try to choose a song or rap to teach your kids your phone number and address today!

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