Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tunde In Your Eyes Fastest Trending Track of 2013

It's Official

Fastest Trending Music Artist 2013

In Your Eyes
has now hit radio worldwide

Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi - copyright 2013

Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi is the fastest trending Music Artist of 2013.

Tunde "In Your Eyes" has captured the hearts of the globe.The scoop on feedback  for this track from leading professionals in the music entertainment industry is exactly the same from all corners of the globe.

Tunde In Your Eyes is Fastest Trending Track of 2013

It's a Hot Electronica Club Jam
Support special needs children
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The Movement on Facebook is trending world wide for many reasons. Not only is #Tunde an exceptional singer & songwriter, He is a role model for millions of youths & his fans.
Tunde is a world federation youth peace ambassador and blogger on wordpress.

Bat Records

BAT Records, owner & Record producer, Tunde Akinsanmi is right on point & gaining Hype from the USA.  The music pros & fans are loving #Tunde music.
BeatzAndTechnique BAT Studios is currently recording the hottest jamz.

Tunde Commenced Radio interviews 1week ago in Lagos & Abuja Africa.
Radio stations worldwide have adopted Tunde and his music.
With 10 Years experience being the most loved band member of the biggest, most popular R&B Group Styl-Plus  with tours worldwide, awards and 5 hit albums, Tunde managed to top the fan base of Styl-Plus on Facebook and twitter by hundreds of thousands.

Tunde Fastest trending music artist of 2013

Every sale of  this pumping jam is helping to change children's lives, helping them from suffering poverty. As Tunde says in his free Christmas track Child is born
"#BeatzAndTechnique, We've got nothing but love for you.Put a smile on your neighbour. 1love. 
This powerful yet simple message is the real deal.

@tundeakinsanmi @MyJoystickTales @1angelniki

Check out Tunde's music right from Facebook:

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