Friday, December 14, 2012

NativeBoy In Your Eyes - Tunde Akinsanmi supporting Charity

NativeBoy In Your Eyes
NativeBoy In Your Eyes Tunde from Styl-Plus supporting Charity


Native of the earth, singer from the soul!

NativeBoy is a Un Peace ambassadorsingersongwriterproducerblogger  CEO & Owner of BAT Records and (Styl-Plus) band member.
Christmas is a time to celebrate with all nations around the world. Its a time to share the love and what better way to share the love than by NativeBoy sending us all this inspiring message.
Tunde Akinsanmi: "Celebrate life this season by giving the needy a reason for hope. Buy NativeBoy In Your Eyes on iTunes, where 50% of all purchases go to charity. Let's show the reason for this season."
"Merry Christmas and a happy New year! 1Love " NB
Merry Christmas

This Christmas when you buy NativeBoy In Your Eyes on iTunes, 50% of each sale of this awesome album will help to support charity.
NativeBoy In Your Eyes is usually 99c on itunes. 50cents of each item sold will be donated to help support charity including special needs children,children with a disability,children living in poverty & children needing medical attention in 3rd world countries.
Let's make a difference to help change lives. Please show your support today!
Click this image to BUY IT NOW ON iTUNES!
NativeBoy In Your Eyes iTunes
NativeBoy In Your Eyes iTunes
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