Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tunde - Tosibe ft Muyen & Pado Official Music Video

TUNDE - Tosibe ft Muyen & Pado Official Music Video - Photo by Utopia Au - Utopia Magazine

ft Muyen & Pado 
Music Video

Last week was The 53rd Independence Day in Nigeria and what better way to celebrate than with the release of the highly anticipated music video the world has been waiting for. Tunde - Tosibe ft Muyen & Pado music video is finally apon us.

Tosibe was filmed in Lagos by Award winning film director and producer MrE. Tunde's track is a featured sound track in the new Nollywood comedy movie Jand Hustle also directed by MrE.

Tosibe is already a trending single for free download online and now the fans can put a visual to the track they already know and love. This is Tunde's first video release as a solo artist who was once the glue of the Styl-Plus R&B group.

Tunde is Nigeria's pioneer of music, is on point with his career, his youth peace ambassador role, & producing hits with his own Label BAT Records (Beatz And Technique).

The Official #Tunde #Tosibe Music Video can be viewed on Vevo  & You tube in HD
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Titled "Take It Easy" on the Official Tunde site

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